Sunday Morning Musings

 After writing yesterday’s post I started thinking how fortunate we are with today’s technology.  The evening before, for some reason, Thomas Merton came to mind, the thought becoming the seed for Saturday’s post.  Within a few hours the seed quickly grew into the fruit, which wouldn’t have been the case without the technology – it would have taken a lot longer!  Rather than pulling Merton’s books off my bookshelf and going through each one, I used the internet to find more than enough substance for the blog.  After I chose the quotes, I was able to get the photos by going through the pictures I had stored away in my “photo cupboard” [luckily I had them organized so that was easy].  I sorted through those, which was lots of fun because it brought back great memories, and then scanned them into the computer.  Once in the computer, I was able to edit them, correcting exposure, shadows, contrast, etc. so they came out better in the post.  Once it was all together all I had to do was hit “publish” and, voila, within minutes you could read it!

Who do we have to thank for digital cameras?  I have been slowly going though all my old photos.  I have many albums, and boxes of photos that didn’t make it into the albums.  I have numerous shots of the same thing because I had no idea how the photo would turn out till it was processed, and more than one copy of many because, more often than not, I requested duplicates when having them developed.  There are many photos in the boxes that are really just bad shots, but I’m still having trouble throwing them out!  Now that I’m slowly getting them into the computer, I have the challenge of organizing them in iPhoto, so when I want a certain picture I know where to find it, but even though they are still somewhat disorganized, it’s much easier than digging through boxes to find the right one.  And I love that we can send photos to each other instantly.

Betsy sent me this photo last week.  It’s Rugby enjoying her ride up to Door County for a little family get-away.


Steve and Betsy went through all the old family photos and scanned them into their computer and now we can actually enjoy them more than once every few years when we used to pull out the albums and boxes.

 Technology is only one small thing I have to be grateful for.  For each of us there is a never-ending list.  Years ago I read an article about gratitude by Sharon Salzberg, a spiritual teacher and co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society.  In the article she mentioned that she made an agreement with a friend to email each other every day to tell one thing they were thankful for – what a wonderful idea!  What are you grateful for?

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it
is like wrapping a present
and not giving it.
~William Arthur Ward~ 

The photos of the La Jolla sunset were taken by Bob Richardson.  Thank you Bob!

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2 Responses to Sunday Morning Musings

  1. sharon hanna says:

    Beautiful, Suellen. I love you!!

  2. Betsy says:

    I’m grateful for a wonderful sister like you! Thank you!

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