Saying Goodbye…Again

Those whom we’ve loved never
really leave us.  They live on
forever in our hearts, and
cast their radiant light
onto our every shadow.
~Sylvana Rossetti~ 

All God’s angels come
to us disguised.
~James Russell Lowell~

My wonderful friend Stephanie said goodbye to Haley yesterday, all the more heartbreaking because it was just 9 days after she said her goodbyes to Sydney, Haley’s daughter.  Sometimes life presents us with what seems to be unbearable sorrow – this is one of those times for Stephanie.  She is a strong woman, with many friends to support her; she will get through this painful time, but it will take time to mend her broken heart.

It is the great mystery of human life
that old grief passes gradually
into quiet tender joy.
~Fyoder Kostoevsky~ 

Haley came into this world as a roly poly bundle of love and she continued to give love wherever she went to whoever she met.  A role model for all of us.

Haley Bop had a huge appetite – for food and for life!

She opened up hearts.  This is my dad the morning after she was born; this was a special moment for him – 77 years old and the first time he had held a day old puppy – he never forgot it.

These three beautiful girls have put on their angel wings but still continue to spread their love in this world – so many lovely memories that will forever warm our hearts and bring smiles to our faces.

I loved seeing those faces at my door.

Haley was an amazing mother.  This was her first litter – yes, a big one!

Here she is with her gorgeous daughters, Sadie and Ella from the second litter, and their beautiful big sister Sydney.

Four years later….

I am grateful that I got to spend time with Haley over the weekend. She has a special place in my heart, and I know she felt the same way about me.  Although dogs can’t talk they communicate their feelings through their actions and through their eyes – anyone who has spent time with dogs know this to be true.  I also know for a fact how much Haley loved Steph, and was grateful to her for the 12 happy years she spent in this world – no words needed – I saw it in her eyes when she looked at Stephanie.

When you are sorrowful look again
in your heart, and you shall see
that in truth you are weeping
for that which has been
your delight.

~Kahil Gibran~ 

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4 Responses to Saying Goodbye…Again

  1. Betsy says:

    Haley was so blessed to have such a wonderful dog and people family! Beautiful photos, quotes and words …

  2. Tammy Valentino says:

    Oh Golly, sitting here with tears again! She was sooo beautiful!!
    I am glad you were there!

    Love to you and yours.

  3. Mom says:

    showing Mom your blog again and adding this comment for her. She said that we’ll all (animals and people) be together again someday.

  4. Barbara Beale says:

    So glad I got to see Haley before she got her wings. Love the picture of her with your Dad.

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