Cassis -Our First Stop

We’ve had a busy four days with little downtime – so much to see and do. Tomorrow we get on the boat and will have more time to keep in touch – stay tuned!

We spent our first night in Cassis, a small fishing port on the Mediterranean just east of Marseilles. It’s a beautiful little town at the foot of Cap Canaille, a very tall cliff. The following morning after our cafe and croissant we packed into (I mean packed!) our vehicle and headed to St. Remy where we are now. More about this lovely city later.





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4 Responses to Cassis -Our First Stop

  1. Can’t wait to hear/see more! i love the shots of St Remy. how quaint and french!!!
    Have a great adventure and keep us posted!!! it’s so much fun traveling with you all
    much love

  2. Kim George says:

    What fabulous pictures – sounds like a great trio so far! Can’t wait for more updates!

  3. Barbara Beale says:

    You aren’t kidding about “packed”! Love the architecture – have a sudden desire to have turquoise shutters on our duplex. Looking forward to more posts. Love, BB

  4. joan newman says:

    Steve what a great picture. Have fun. Hi Betsy. See you soon.
    Love J

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