We left the dock late yesterday afternoon and maneuvered our first lock a few kilometers up the Canal. As I write this we have gone through six locks and now have it down to a science. We docked last night at a petite village, had a not-so-memorable dinner at a restaurant on the Canal not far from le boat, tucked in at 10:00 and planned an early start to the day. However, the early start didn’t happen as we all slept in in our comfy little cabins. After a delicious breakfast we got on our way. The sky has been cloudy all day but the sun is starting to shine now. We’re hoping to get to Trebes before it gets dark. We’re looking forward to a great French meal this evening. Captain Steve has been doing pretty much all of the driving so far and he’s the only one we trust to get us in and out of the locks – he’s a pro! Here’s a few photos of the trip so far.










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2 Responses to ON THE CANAL

  1. joan newman says:

    Wow how cool. Thanks for sharing

  2. Norm & Betty says:

    Bonjour mon ami,
    Norman and I also loved Cassis, your photos are marvellous. So glad to see pictures of l’auteur included. Look forward to the next installment of le bon journey.
    Thinking of you with love. xoxo Betty & Norm

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