Another day on the Canal du Midi

Our boat moored in Trebes.


20110926-093715.jpgfast-the ducks love French bread.
Leaving Trebes.



The Plane trees are planted along the Canal because they are fast growing and help to prevent erosion.


20110926-094727.jpg just as we started. When we couldn’t find a restaurant in the little town we had to stop at to wait for the lock to reopen after the lock keeper’s lunch, Betsy and I decided to get creative with the food in the bag and came up with a wonderful meal.

20110926-095118.jpgt out. Please excuse spelling and grammar mistakes.

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One Response to Another day on the Canal du Midi

  1. it all looks so beautiful. I can just imagine the meals you and Betsy are cooking up AND the ones you are eating out!!! Thanks for taking me along! Love you

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