Some photos of the day in Carcasonne

Betsy wanted to take our picture as we were leaving the boat this morning.

Betsy and Steve lighting candles in the church we came upon on our walk to the old walled city.

Madame et Le chien.

Building in the old walled city.

Cooling off in the shade.

Cathedral Window.

Entering the old city.

Heading back to Le boat for a rest before our evening glass of wine on the deck.

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3 Responses to Some photos of the day in Carcasonne

  1. Barbara Beale says:

    Looks like it was a great day for Ed’s big birthday! Hope you all had fun. Love, BB

  2. Sending a big birthday smooch to my second favorite guy. I can’t help but see the little boy face from the Birthday Boy blog when I look at Ed now, especially in that first photo

  3. carol Jennings says:

    oh my, 20 years ago, my first date with Paul. We came to Ed’s birthday party! Hope you are having a great time in France. we are heading to Amsterdam and then….???maybe Italy on the 11th of October. Only booked the first part so far, one step at a time. Say hi to Betsy and the boys for me……we will get together in November I hope. Come visit us!
    xo Carol

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