Today on the Canal du Midi







Here are just a few of the many photos I took today. The wind was blowing, the leaves falling from the trees and although it was warm, fall was in the air – another spectacular day along the Canal. We rode our bikes to the local market, had another amazing lunch on the boat and are now sitting on the deck as the sun goes down, sipping Pastis before we have yet another wonderful meal.

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3 Responses to Today on the Canal du Midi

  1. joan newman says:

    I love,love,love all your pictures. Thank you for sharing them. It makes me want to be with you all. What a beautiful country. Thank french bread looks yummy. Miss you Betsy. See you in two weeks.

  2. Ahhhh, what a wonderful life! Enjoy it all. We send our love
    susan and Bob

  3. carol Jennings says:

    your photos make me so jealous, however we will be in the Mediterranean mid October too.
    Can’t wait to gather some painting material.

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