Rain and Rainbows

Tuesday was one of those typical autumn days in the Pacific Northwest when it is raining sideways one minute and the next moment the sun is stealing a peak from behind a dark gray cloud.  That is when I decide it’s time to take Bella and Hannah out for a walk, but before I can get my jacket and their collars on that dark cloud has opened up, and once again the rain is pouring down.  Needless to say, we went out with our rain coats on that day, got wet and enjoyed our walk nonetheless!

When you live in Seattle you get used to unsettled weather.  It’s as if Mother Nature just can’t make up her mind!  Another occurence that is not uncommon on days like this, is to be presented with a beautiful rainbow – Mother Nature’s gift to us for putting up with her indecisiveness.  We were given this present late Tuesday afternoon – a brilliant slash of colors crossing the sky.  And, in addition to the amazing rainbow,  we had a clear-enough sky to enjoy the almost-full moon.

On that day I  stumbled upon a beautiful poem (another gift) by John Squadra who is a poet and painter who lives in Maine.  I noticed his works are shown in a gallery in Camden, ME and wonder if my friends Susan and Bob are familiar with his work?????

If you listen
not to the pages or preachers
but to the smallest flower
growing from a crack
in your heart,
you will hear a great song
moving across a wide ocean
whose water is the music
connecting all the islands
of the universe together,
and touching all
you will feel it
touching you
around you…
embracing you
with light

It is in that light
that everything lives
and will always be alive.

~John Squadra~ 

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3 Responses to Rain and Rainbows

  1. Suellie, i don’t know John Squadra, but i am going to see if i can find him and the gallery where he shows. Your photos are magnificient! I think Mother Nature has an exceptional fondness for you. I don’t blame her!!!

  2. suellen1234 says:

    Some of his works are at the Bayview Gallery in Camden. It sounds like he lives up in your neck of the woods. Thanks for the compliment – I am blessed with Mother Nature’s works of art. Tuesday’s rainbow was one of the biggest and brightest I had seen in a long time.

  3. Tammy Valentino says:

    Fergus and I enjoyed a similar day today and an incredible full rainbow here in the hudson valley!
    Sure loving your blog my dear.

    Much Love Tammo

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