Stepping Into the Present

When we step out of the current
of thoughts, letting go of “how it
was and how it should be,” of
“how we should be,” we enter
the eternal present.
~Jack Kornfield~ 

Only to the extent that we let go into change
can we live in harmony with those around us
and with our own true nature.  No matter what
the situation, awakening requires trust:  trust
in the greater cycles of life, trust that something
new will eventually be born, trust that whatever
is, is perfect.  Wise letting go is not a detached
removal from life.  It is the heart’s embrace of
life itself, a willing opening to the full
reality of the present.
~Jack Kornfield~

The important thing is not to
think much, but to love much.
~St. Theresa of Avila~ 

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2 Responses to Stepping Into the Present

  1. ahhh yes, it always comes down to Love!
    xoxo always to you

  2. Suellen Shapero says:

    Yes, it’s about loving the life we have moment by moment.

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