I am open to the guidance
of synchronicity, and do
not let expectations
hinder my path.
~Dalai Lama~ 

Synchronicity reveals the meaningful
connections between the subjective
and objective world.
~Carl Jung~ 

I love synchronistic events and truly believe they can guide us.  Some, of course are more meaningful than others, but it’s important to acknowledge each one so we get better at trusting this intuitive knowledge and use it to further our psychological and spiritual growth.

The event that got me musing on sychronicity was a phone call I received Thursday evening from my friend Stephanie.  I was making dinner and I was thinking of her.  Now, this is not that unusual because we have cooked so many meals together over the years and I often think of her when I’m in the kitchen; however, this evening it wasn’t a passing thought or two; she was in the forefront of my consciousness and it felt as if her energy was right there with me in my kitchen.  I am missing her physical presence in my life since her move to London.  The phone rang, and you guessed, it was Steph.  Now, once again this wouldn’t be all that unusual except for the fact that it was in the middle of the night in London; she couldn’t sleep, so she got out of bed and called me!

This photo was taken many moons ago – maybe 31 years?! – we’ve been friends for a very long time.  For those of you who don’t know Steph, she’s the one wearing the cat t-shirt, and, of course, I’m the one on the right.

There is no such thing as chance;
and what seems to us the merest
accident springs from the
deepest source of destiny.
~Friedrich Schiller~ 

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2 Responses to Synchronicity

  1. What a sweet tribute to Steph! I love the picture of you before and after…always a beauty! And that kitchen Wow!

  2. suellen1234 says:

    I guess I didn’t look at it as a tribute to Steph??? That was the kitchen in her old house – we prepared a lot of delicious food in that kitchen! From the pictures I’ve seen, the kitchen in the house she’s in now is even bigger and better. I’m looking forward to visiting her in the not to distant future to get a peek into the food of that part of England. She’ll have all the best places to buy fresh food by the time I get there.

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