Everyday Yoga

Skydancer of Bliss

Do you die a little each day,
forgetting who you are?

When you forget,
as we all do,
get onto your yoga mat
or go out into nature and get quiet.

Start up your breath,
think good thoughts about others,
fit the shape of beauty
into each curve of your back,
worship the beautiful river of your spine,
bless it for keeping you alive.

Drench the ground you stand on
with the light of life.
Move your winds
from the left and the right sides
into the central channel,
into the arms of the Skydiver of Bliss.

Then watch those thirty-six vertebrae
become divine prayer wheels
spinning rapturously
with the sacred.

~Leza Lowitz~

Yoga is not just another self-improvement
craze…It is a practice of self-acceptance,
which is a very different thing.  You
don’t need to be fixed, you simply
need to remember who
you truly are.

~Gurmukh Khalsa~

There is no waiting and no delayed
gratification because yoga is both
the means and the result, and the
seed of all that is possible is
present at the very beginning.
This experience of stillness is
possible in the first ten minutes
of your first yoga class.  It is
possible in this very breath.

~Donna Farhi~

I spend time on my yoga mat almost every day.  Some days it may be only 10 to 15 minutes here and there, but there are few days when my body doesn’t feel the mat against my skin.  The mat is unrolled and has a permanent place on the bedroom floor, and when I am away I pack a traveling yoga mat. When the idea of this post came to me my intention was to write about all the reasons I incorporate yoga into my  life, but the bottom line is I practice yoga because I MUST!  It is an essential part of my life-long journey home to myself.


By embracing your mother wound
as your yoga, you transform what
has been a hindrance in your
life into a teacher of the heart.

~Phillip Moffitt~

Yoga heals, nourishes, and
challenges us.  The practice
infiltrates each corner
of our lives.

~Valerie Jeremijinko~ 

[The photos in this post (except for my “yoga studio”) were taken by my brother-in-law, Steve in LaJolla, CA. and Vancouver, B.C.]

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