Another Day, Another Poem

The Poem, The Body

Each newborn body
has an unwritten story upon it;
the mystic can see this.
Each white page
has an epic on it;
the poet can see this.

Where to start?
What to say?
Pick up the pencil,
take it across the page.
It will find its own tale.

Pick up your body,
carry it deeper into stillness.
It will find a dance.

Let yourself be written.
Let yourself be danced.
Overwrite if you must.
Dance to delirium.
But censor nothing,
not one single step,
not one single word.

~Leza Lowitz~
‘Yoga Heart’ 

When I started this blog with the intention of awakening my creative spirit poetry wasn’t part of the picture of what I thought my creative life would look like.  However, here I am paying more attention to poetry; re-reading works of the poets I’m familiar with and whose poems have lit a spark in me, and searching out new poets whose writings touch my mind, heart and soul. Reading poetry is now a regular part of my life which I see as another enriching result of sharing this creative exploration with you.   I hope you find that some of the poems I choose to include in my blog touch your heart.

The poem…is a little myth of man’s capacity
of making life meaningful.  And in the end, the
poem is not a thing we see – it is rather, a light
by which we may see – and what we see is life.

~Robert Penn Warren~ 

Poetry is the language in which
man explores his own amazement.

~Christopher Fry~

He who draws noble delights from
sentiments of poetry is a true poet,
though he has never written a line
in all his life.

~George Sand~

I took these photos this afternoon with my new iPhone.  I love the camera on this phone and the photos go automatically to my computer and iPad through iCloud – cool!


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