Creative Exploration through Collage

I’ve been journaling for a very long time, and until about a year ago, my journals consisted of daily musings about what was going on in my life, both my inner and outer life.  I have been fairly consistent over the years, although there were some stretches of time when I didn’t write, times I questioned the usefulness of it, or when I just got bored. The thing  is though,  I always came back to it.  I have boxes of journals that I may or may not read some day.  I still write, but more often than not, I use collage to explore my inner life, and I’m having fun with it. 

Collage:  – an artistic composition made of various materials glued on a
picture surface.
– an assembly of diverse fragments.

To collage… is to put things together.  To combine elements to create something new.  Collage is a transformation process in which one thing becomes something else entirely, sometimes with a welter of detail, at other times with surprising simplicity.  It’s a form of dialogue with materials at hand. 

One of the things I like about the process of creating a collage is that I don’t have to know where I’m going – all I have to do is begin.  I often start with a word, quote, picture or photograph and let my creative spirit go where she pleases.  The act of cutting and pasting is extremely therapeutic for me, and gathering the material is stimulating and fun.  I look at magazines, catalogues, postcards, or anything I can cut up, or paste on a surface, as material for my collages – seeds of inspiration that strengthen my imagination.

 To live a creative life, we must
lose our fear of being wrong.

~Joseph Chilton Pearce~

The great thing about keeping an art journal is there is no right or wrong.  I get to  be an artist without the fear of being judged “good” or “bad”.   Although my inner creative critic, who I call Martha, likes to get her two cents worth in at times  I usually don’t pay much attention to her when it comes to my journal art.

The primary benefit of practicing art,
whether well or badly, is that it
enables one soul to grow.

~Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.~ 

I like to look at collage as a metaphor for my life.  Just as I put various elements  together to create a page in my journal, I put “pieces of life” together to create the life I want to live – an ongoing project that is forever changing.  I am truly the artist of my own life and it’s up to me alone to live my best life – a full and creative life.  As Marion Woodman said, In our creating, we are created.

There is great wisdom within our
flesh, if we can only come to
our senses and feel it.

~Elizabeth A. Behnke~

Making these collages keeps my creative self alive and nurtured and helps me come to my senses and feel my inner wisdom.   I feel it so important for all of us to listen to the voice on the other side of the door and find what we love, and just do it.  I think we are often stopped because we think it has to be something big if it’s going to make a real difference in our lives, but what I’ve found is that any little creative thing I do leads me to unmapped territory within myself that’s waiting to be discovered.

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9 Responses to Creative Exploration through Collage

  1. Tammy Valentino says:

    Love all the inspiration!
    Thank You!
    Love You!

  2. carol Jennings says:

    Suellen, these are all works of art,
    thought of painting?????

    • suellen1234 says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Would you like to be my painting teacher? I could come up for a workshop – we could have a creative get-away in your studio – wouldn’t that be fun.

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  4. Betsy says:

    Wow! Never knew the extent of your collage/journal … VERY impressive!

  5. Beautiful suellie! Watching this process in you is so inspiring. Your journals are amazing!
    shine on!

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