Just Be

Inside the body,
the sound
of rain falling.
Outside the body,
rain falling.

In the gap,
all things die
and are reborn.

Between in-breath
and out-breath
an endless pilgrimage
to Being.

be thankful
for this
liminal space.
In it you’ll find
a perfect home. 

~Lisa Lowitz~

Take some time today to pay attention to your breath – close your eyes and rest in the space between your in-breath and out-breath.  Who knows what you will discover there?

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4 Responses to Inhale……..Exhale

  1. carol Jennings says:

    when you have a bit of red in a photo, it makes your eye go there,
    it gets you attention, kind of like an exhale.

  2. suellen1234 says:

    Yes, I want you for my teacher.

  3. SE, did you really get to catch that crow in your picture? WOW! and carol is right about the red…a GREAT shot!

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