Because time itself is like a spiral,
something special happens on
your birthday each year:  The same
energy that God invested at your
birth is present once again.

~Menachem Mendel Schneerson~

I was born 64 years ago today and  have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating my birthday every year since then.   My Mother is partly responsible for this enjoyment because she always made sure my childhood birthdays were special with great parties and delicious cakes.  (Thank you Connie). Because my birthday followed so closely behind Christmas our tree always remained up, which added to the festive atmosphere.

 One of the advantages for me of having a birthday just after the new year begins is that I’m already geared up for new beginnings, new adventures, inspired to take paths less traveled, and eager to see how the new year unfolds for me, knowing that I’m in the driver’s seat – so many things seem possible.

It takes a long time to grow young.

~Pablo Picasso~

Now I have a pal to celebrate my birthday with.  My dear little Hannah was born two years ago on January 4th.  There’s a great story of how she came into my life, which I won’t go into detail about now, but I will say that at the time there was a lot of indecision on my part about bringing her home because the timing was not what you would call ideal.  After much back and forth I decided that she would be a part of our family.  After making the decision I found out that she was born on January 4th, and with that information I knew absolutely that our finding each other was part of a bigger plan that the Universe had in store for us.  I truly believe we are taken care of in a way that we can’t fully comprehend, and if we stop trying to control things, and stop thinking that everything has to be “perfect” before we do something, and if we learn to TRUST, we will find miracles happen all the time.

And what a miracle this little spirit is!!!  She opens my heart every single day.

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3 Responses to Birthdays

  1. Betsy says:

    Great post and photos! Hope you are having a WONDERFUL birthday! And arf arf woof bow wow to Hannah!

  2. Ruby says:

    Oh and yes, a big happy 2 years to beautiful Hannah!! She adds such a sparkle to the family. Hope you both had a wonderful day. Thanks for the post with the old pics, they are really fun.
    Love R

  3. Tammy Valentino says:

    Dear Dear SE happy birthday a day late!
    19 years ago yesterday we met, I am so grateful to have you still in my life, albeit, through Emails ,,
    blog and an occasional, phone call, I am missing you and could use a fix of your wisdom and love!
    You are beautiful, talented, and a gift to all who encounter you!

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