Pay Attention!

–after Leonard Cohen


open the gate
to yourself

blaze forth
with fearless love

forever and a day

the view beckons
even when your back is turned

So turn around!
Pay attention!

Notice cracks
in the smallest places,

rivers of light
shining through.

~Leza Lowitz,
from ‘Yoga Heart’ 

 This is the first time I’ve posted two entries in one day.  It seemed right to give each poem its own space.  I woke to a stunning sunrise this morning and  was inspired to pick up a book of poems.  Leza’s beautiful red book was sitting on the counter so it was the one I opened.  The line I love in this poem is, blaze forth with fearless love.  If only we could keep those gates to ourselves open all the time and “blaze forth with fearless love”  – WOW – the world would be a different place!

I love the rhododendrons that burst forth in spite of the cold weather and lack of sunshine – they don’t wait for conditions to be perfect.

Now you get the picture – why I am inspired to read poetry!

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3 Responses to Pay Attention!

  1. carol Jennings says:

    and I am inspired by nature to paint…..

  2. Can you guess that I am catching up on my reading? I tried to comment on this before, but now i have finally figured out how to log in on those posts where they ask me to…sometimes they don’t.

    I love the way you see things and put them together. Look for my coming e mail to you! guess what i got yesterday?????

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