Crow as Muse

Crow . . .
Are your “cawing,”
So I may know,
The secrets of balance,
Within my soul?

Or are you sending,
Your sacred “caw”
Just to remind me,
Of universal laws?

~Medicine Cards~
Jamie Sams & David Carson

I take a lot of photos of crows because they’re there.   They perch in the trees outside my window and they inhabit the shores where I walk.  I find them interesting and fun to watch.  Yesterday while I was walking along the seawall in Lincoln Park I decided to pay more attention – crow as muse!

 A few facts about crows:

Crows are considered among the world’s most intelligent animals.

Crows may live to be 20 years old.

American crows are very social, living in large extended-family groups.
They generally mate for life.

Their complex vocabulary is one sign of their intelligence.  Although we may not be able to discern any variation in their cawing, research indicates that each caw has a different meaning.

Crows are inquisitive and sometimes mischievous.  They are good learners and problem solvers.

Crows  manufacture and use tools in their search for food.

Crows will engage in mid-air jousting  (or air-chicken) to establish pecking order.

Crows in the west are slightly smaller than eastern crows.

What I find the most fascinating and meaningful about the crow is its symbolism. In many cultures crow is considered the keeper of sacred law, the representation of creation and spiritual strength.  Crow is an omen of change, it merges light and darkness, seeing both inner and outer reality.  “When we meditate on the crow and align with it, we are instilled with the wisdom to know ourselves beyond the limitations of one-dimensional thinking and laws.  We are taught to appreciate the many dimensions of reality and ourselves, and to learn to trust our intuition and personal integrity.”

Crow is surrounded by magic, unseen forces and spiritual strength, so if crow crosses your path get out of your familiar nest and look for opportunities to bring into being the magic of your  life.  They are telling us it’s there for the asking.

 Lessons to be learned from crows:

Be mindful of your opinions and actions, of judging people automatically.

Walk your talk, speak your truth, and discover your life’s mission.

Allow your personal integrity to be your guide.

Trust your intuition.

Balance past, present and future in the Now.

I am dedicating this post to my wonderful friend, Susan, because crow is her totem animal.  She is a powerful woman who leads a life infused with crow wisdom, and helps me follow that path as well.  I am forever grateful.

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5 Responses to Crow as Muse

  1. you won’t believe, or yes you will….I was on line looking up places to stay for our visit to Taos when your post appeared in the corner of my screen. Seeing it was about crows, I quickly headed over. At first i thought, this is a sign, considering where i was when this post appeared! and then I thought, wow! Suellie likes crows too, another sign and then at the bottom I read your dedication, that’s three signs and i am feeling the presence of something quite wonderful, unseen, perhaps with a message in its beak????

  2. Barbara Beale says:

    Crows are also able to recognize people and teach their offspring to be wary of certain people. It was a study done in Seattle by the University of Washington and they produced a fascinating TV documentary.

  3. suellen1234 says:

    They truly are interesting creatures and I had no idea how smart they were but I sure do like to watch them knowing they are very aware of my presence.

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