The Shore of a Promise

~Mark Nepo~

Let no one keep you from your journey,
no rabbi or priest, no mother
who wants you to dig for treasures
she misplaced, no father
who won’t let one life be enough,
no lover who measures their worth
by what you might give up,
no voice that tells you in the night
it can’t be done.

Let nothing dissuade you
from seeing what you see
or feeling the winds that make you
want to dance alone
or go where no one
has yet to go.

You are the only explorer.
Your heart, the unreadable compass.
Your soul, the shore of a promise
too great to be ignored. 

I am sharing this beautiful poem with you today because of the internet and a wee bit of synchronicity.  While reading another blog last week  I came across this poem by an author I hadn’t thought about in a very long time.  Mark Nepo is a philosopher, poet and author who I discovered many years ago while browsing through Banyen Books, a wonderful bookstore in Vancouver.  I was drawn to one of his books, The Exquisite Risk:  Daring to Live an Authentic Life.  It’s a fabulous book, which I was happy to find  I still own, as I’ve down-sized my book collection over the years in our many moves.  I’m finding it as meaningful and inspiring the second time around.  Now that Mark is back in my life, I’m running into him everywhere!  I opened my inbox the other morning to find an interview with him by Tami Simon from Sounds True, which I highly recommend listening to.  If you’re interested go to the Sounds True, Insites at the Edge website, and sign up for their free podcasts.  I also found an Oprah interview with Mark.  Apparently his book, The Book of Awakening was one of her favorite things for her last season on the air, and it is now on my to-buy-book-list.  To me this is synchronicity at work.  Once we open  to receive guidance, we find it all around us.  As Buddha said, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. 

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2 Responses to The Shore of a Promise

  1. I loved the line he spoke ..”…the exquisite risk lies between effort and grace. When you put your whole self into whatever you love and put forth the effort, grace moves in. Ohhh, just love that!

  2. Barbara Beale says:

    Wonderful poem – great “rediscovery”

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