Then and Now

If enough time passes, everything comes back in style.  If you taught or went to fitness classes in the 80’s (and you’re a woman) you most likely wore leg warmers at some time during those years.  I had no idea leg warmers were back in style this season until I was standing in line at DSW Shoes with my friend Betty who was buying a fabulous pair of boots.  I noticed a rack filled with leg warmers and went over to have a closer look.   It was early December and I was getting ready for our trip to Sante Fe and had planned to take my comfortable red walking boots to wear with my warm leggings for those days we were exploring the city on foot.  I knew the clunky boots at the end of my skinny calves was a look that would  end up in the “fashion don’t” column, but comfort trumps fashion these days. Leg warmers were the genius fix for this fashion problem, so I bought a pair.  The first day I wore them while we were browsing in the shops around the Plaza in Sante Fe, a number of women stopped me to find out where I bought them, and while chatting with one of them, I got the idea to knit a pair.  Eureka –  they are a perfect project for the times you want simplicity!  So if you are a knitter (beginner or seasoned), and  want an easy, no-brainer project, leg warmers are for you.  They knit up fast and are great for the times you want Zen knitting, as they take little thought.  And, as it turns out, they  are more than just fashionable, they keep your legs warm on a cold winter’s day!   Check out the free patterns on the Internet, and have fun.

Great for yoga!

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2 Responses to Then and Now

  1. So adorable you are! I will have to haul out my workout photo with my leg warmers! Great Job! I love the pattern and the yarn. next time we talk, I’ll ask for the details.
    Love you

  2. suellen1234 says:

    I’d love to see your old photos! I got that yarn in Sante Fe and it made toasty leg warmers.

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