Feed Your Creative Spirit Every Day

A truly creative person rids him or
herself of all self-imposed limitations.
~Geral G. Jampolsky~

 As I mentioned in Monday’s post I was drawn to knitting last week.     It was an excellent way to feed my creative spirit every day, and as an added bonus I was able to practice mindfullness as one of the projects I’m working on doesn’t require my undivided attention.  What I have recently learned about knitting (for me at least) is that it’s important to have no fewer than two projects going at once – one that is challenging and one that isn’t, one that I can pretty much do with my eyes closed.  Too often in the past I would put whatever I was working on down when I came to a snafu, and often didn’t pick it up again for months.  So now when I’m working on a more challenging piece and encounter a problem that I need help with, or just some other frustration that confounds me, I can pick up my Zen knitting project, keep my fingers nimble and keep my zeal for this craft alive and expanding.   What you see above is my current Zen project which when finished will be a “quilted” afghan, that used to be a sweater.  I made the sweater years ago, and although it was beautiful, I just didn’t wear it that often.  I looked high and low for another sweater pattern for the yarn, but had no success at finding something I loved, (I didn’t want another sweater that I would only wear once in a blue moon) so decided to make a throw for our sofa.  I started knitting and then realized it was going to be quite bulky to work with once I got past a certain point so opted to do the squares that I would sew together in a quilt pattern.  When I have finished I’ll have a beautiful throw that will look stunning over the back of our sofa and will feel cozy and warm on a cold winter’s day, rather than a sweater that hangs in my closet.  I’ll also add that I can get into the unraveling and untangling as a meditative act – a process that at times can be extremely satisfying!

Our everyday creativity is not only good for us
but it’s one of the most powerful capacities we
have, bringing us alive in each moment, affecting
our health and well-being, offering richness and
alternatives in what we do, and helping us move
further in our creative and personal development.
Dr. Ruth Richards

Although we all lead busy lives I belive it’s important to not neglect the things that inspire us, to put them at the top of our “to-do” lists.  These are the things that feed our soul.  When an inspiration comes through, find the time to express it, write, paint, draw, collage, knit, bake, take a photo, dance, plant seeds . . . there are countless ways to express your  creativity.  Think outside the box and just do it – everyday!

Last night’s full moon over Seattle’s port

When we live our life as art we make
room for creativity, flow, connection,
synchronicity, and magic.
~Heather Ash Amara~

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2 Responses to Feed Your Creative Spirit Every Day

  1. Betty & Norm says:

    Your soon to be throw looks beautiful already, look forward to using the finished product. I admire your tenacity.
    xoxo, B

  2. What a wise practice, to have another way out when a problem gets too complicated. I think that’s a gift that presented itself to you from all your “challenging” knitting projects…you have unravelled a universal dilemma!!!

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