Stepping Out

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Seattle.  Spring was definitely in the air with mild temperatures and the sun moving in and out of the clouds, giving off enough warmth to be able to forgo a  winter coat and  don my favorite Lululemon sweatshirt.  Bella Blue, Hannah and I enjoyed a long afternoon walk.  I have been captivated by the crocuses this year.  They are sprouting up everywhere in all their colorful splendor.  To me they are filled with hope.  I love the way they push through the cold, hard earth even when snow still covers the ground, to let us know that spring will be arriving soon.  At the end of a long winter they are welcomed messengers.    While walking I was inspired to write a haiku about crocuses in an attempt to do what I wrote about in yesterday’s post – step outside my comfort zone in order to keep exploring and expanding  a creative life.  Writing a poem, any kind of poem, is reaching way outside of my sphere of comfort.  Seven months ago, in the early days of my blogging life, I wrote a haiku that I shared with you (see The Story of Trees, August 21/11).  At that time I said  I would write more for the very purpose of creative growth.  Well, it’s taken a while but here it is.

from hard winter soil
purple crocuses announce

the coming of spring

In that early post I challenged my readers to write a haiku about trees and send it to me.  I had only one response to that challenge but received two beautiful poems that I want to share with you today.  They were written by my brilliantly creative friend Susan.

Ancient Schoodic Birch
Long lying near hollow stumps
Stories never shared

Wise, old apple tree
too much bounty breaks your limbs
Nature prunes us all

I am going to put out the challenge again – write a haiku and send it to me.  It can be about crocuses, spring, your favorite flower or anything that inspires you.  I once again used the 17 syllable format with 3 lines of 5/7/5 syllables, but that certainly isn’t necessary.   If you want some inspiration check out all the wonderful sites on the web that showcase haiku.  If you’ve never written a haiku before, step outside your comfort zone and trust your inner artist.  Bring her/him out to play and have fun.

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2 Responses to Stepping Out

  1. All morning stacking wood, i worked on my Haiku. here’s what i came up with:
    Wood stacked, one cord left.
    Tom Turkey fans his feathers
    Bluebirds chirp “Wake up!”

    Thanks for the lovely praise on your post. The first Haiku was Bob’s…can’t take all the credit
    love you!!!

  2. suellen1234 says:

    Your creative spirit inspires my creative spirit. I’m having fun with haiku. Will one cord of wood keep you warm for the rest of winter and the cold days of spring? Spring really is just around the corner – only 9 days left of winter. xxoo,SE

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