Gratitude = Happiness

In daily life we must see that it is not happiness
that makes us grateful, but gratefulness

that makes up happy.

~Brother David Steindl-Rast~

You cannot be grateful and bitter.
You cannot be grateful and unhappy.
You cannot be grateful and without hope.
You cannot be grateful and unloving.
So just be grateful.

~Author Unknown~

The reason I am sharing these quotes today is that I experienced the truth in them yesterday.  By the end of yesterday morning I was starting to feel a little out-or-sorts – for no apparent reason.  Rather than let that mood perpetuate itself, I sat on my yoga mat and thought about the things I am grateful for.  Instantly my mindset shifted.  I won’t go into my list here – it is boundless!  What I will say is,  just be grateful!


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4 Responses to Gratitude = Happiness

  1. I love the way the tree bud is holding the moon. I love the notion of being grateful. It’s a good shift out of grumpy! And, as always, i am grateful for you!!!

  2. suellen1234 says:

    Yes, I love that photo as well. I was fortunate to get the shot because it was a very small window of opportunity when the moon was shining through the clouds. It’s amazing how easy it is to shift out of a grumpy mood. And I am grateful for you and our amazing friendship xxooxx, Suellie

  3. sophie10 says:

    Oh my yes. . .thanks for the reminder

  4. suellen1234 says:

    You are very welcome, and thanks for your friendship – I am grateful that we met on the streets of La Jolla thanks to Bella Blue and Sophie.

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