Always the Sudent . . . Be Teachable

Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.

~Meister Eckhardt~

What I believe is that all clear-minded people
should remain two things throughout their
lifetimes:  curious and teachable.

~Roger Ebert~

Yesterday afternoon Bella, Hannah and I had a lovely walk, strolling through the neighborhoods surrounding our home.  I was captivated by  the beauty of spring, while the girls were immersed in the smells.  With my camera (in this case my iPhone) I remain always the student.  I am curious and keen to find new ways to capture the artistry that surrounds me.  One of the gratifying results of writing this blog is that it keeps me learning new things – photography, technology, and writing to name a few – spheres in which I am a true beginner.  Although this has not been the case for much of my life, I now find comfort in being the beginner.

These photos were taken at a park just two blocks from our home.  It’s one of Bella’s favorite places because there’s a huge expanse of grass where I can throw the ball and she can retrieve it (with Hannah trailing after her) – a fabulous space in which to hang out and appreciate life!

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2 Responses to Always the Sudent . . . Be Teachable

  1. The photos are so sweet. i can smell spring in them. you are my teacher!
    Happy Easter and Passover,
    love to all of you

  2. Oh yes, a lovely walk in the park with photos to prove it! Margie

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