Please Come Home . . .

Please come home . . . Find the place
where your feet know where to walk,
and follow your own trail home . . .

Please come home into your own body,
your own vessel, your own earth.
Please come home into each and every cell,
and fully into the space that surrounds you . . .
And once you are firmly there,
please stay home awhile
and come to a deep rest within . . .
Thank you Earth for welcoming us!  And
thank you touch of eyes and ears and skin—
touch of love, for welcoming us.
May we wake up
and remember who we truly are.
Please come home.

~Jane Hooper~

I found this poem many years ago on a bookmark at Banyen Books in Vancouver.  As I mentioned in an earlier post it is one of my favorite bookstores of all time.  It is described as “an abundant oasis – one of the most comprehensive selections in North America focusing on Spiritual Traditions, Healing Arts and Earth Wisdom.”  Check out the website where they welcome you to a “watering hole for the spirit”.  I loved spending time there, and more often than not, left with a book or two, or three. On the check-out counter there is an interesting display of bookmarks with beautiful quotes and drawings there for the taking.   I have quite the collection, and more than one copy of this one.  Yesterday afternoon, while cleaning up the mess on my desk, I found this bookmark at the bottom of one of the piles.  I loved the poem the first time I read it many years ago, and continue to be touched by it each and every time I read it.  It’s  a powerful reminder for me to fully inhabit my body, be comfortable in my own skin and feel my  connection to Mother  Earth – to stand firmly and powerfully in my space in the world.  I share it with you in hopes that you too are inspired to remember who you truly are.


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2 Responses to Please Come Home . . .

  1. i remember going to Banyan books with you and buying a little red Buddha which still sits on my ‘altar’.
    The first photo is amazing! It looks like a painting…WOW!
    love you dear Suellie!

  2. Beautiful post and the bookstore sounds amazing! Margie

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