On The Road Again . . .

A traveler am I, and a navigator,
and every day I discover
a new region in my soul.

~Kahlil Gibran~

In a few hours we will be starting our road trip to the Land of Enchantment and I have to tell you I am excited!  For me it is truly a land of magic, where my heart and soul feel at home.  I always discover new regions in my soul when I spend time in New Mexico.  I’m looking forward to the road trip, traversing roads that we haven’t traveled before, and exploring new towns when we stop for the night.  My intention is to post every day while on the road so I can share this adventure with you.  I believe that  declaring my intention will be a catalyst for following through, so stay tuned.

Today is your day,
your mountain is waiting
so get on your way.

~Dr. Suess~


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2 Responses to On The Road Again . . .

  1. sophie10 says:

    I can’t wait. . .I love your “Gibran” and Dr Suess lived up the street from me . . .I guess I should say I lived down the street from hime for awhile. I too am excited about looking for you each day.

  2. Carol jennings says:

    Road trip. What fun. Enjoy, take pictures. Fill yourself up. 🙂

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