Road Trip – Day 1

We drove about 450 miles yesterday which meant many  hours in the car, and although I have difficulty sitting for long periods of time, I have to say it was a thoroughly enjoyable day.   We listened to four hours of NPR on Sirius Radio and laughed along with Tom and Ray on “Car Talk” and Peter Sagal and his guests on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”, two of our favorite NPR shows.  Later in the day we listened to David Whyte’s “What to Remember When Waking”.  So with great entertainment, breathtaking scenery and my hands kept busy with knitting, the time passed quickly.  We stopped often at rest stops for some short walks for the girls and some much-needed stretching for Eddie and I.  We’re in Ontario, Oregon for the night, on the outskirts of the city, and probably won’t be seeing much more of it because we’ll be pushing off early.  I’m looking forward to what this day has to offer.

Have a beautiful day.

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2 Responses to Road Trip – Day 1

  1. Betty & Norm says:

    Wow! What amazing scenery, you definitely have a good photographer’s eye. I’m very excited for you, would love to be with you but will enjoy the journey through your words and pictures.
    Love to you, Eddie and the girls.

  2. Ditto that WOW! Wish i were in the back seat with you. No surgery for bob. More on that later. We are all fine, just a bit disappointed. You’re almost there!

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