Just for Today

Just for today, be willing to let life
be easier than normal.  Allow it to
be so easy that it surprises you
and delights you. 

~Robert Holden~

Those were the words I needed to hear this morning – thank you Robert Holden for your daily inspiration at “Shift Happens”.  We arrived home early Sunday evening and since that time I’ve been grasping for the “perfect” topic for this post.  It’s not that I didn’t have any ideas, and I certainly have enough photos, but I couldn’t settle on any one topic – none seemed to fit my picture of what it “should” look like. Since I’ve been posting from my iPhone, with only  iPhone photos for a month now I thought this one should be??? What???  My image of the “perfect post” was blurry!

Life is simple, but we insist on
making it complicated.


This is not an unusual occurrence in my life.  I often make things more complicated than need be, and in so doing, can miss the things that delight and surprise.  Because old habits die hard, tonight I will put a post-it note on my mirror to remind me first thing tomorrow morning when my mind is clear and receptive:  Just for today, be willing to let life be easier than normal. 

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2 Responses to Just for Today

  1. Thank you Suellie for that reminder. i am masterful at complicating the basic anything, sweater, meal, garden, you name it! I will try and go in the opposite direction, as opposites are usually the place in which the teaching resides.
    I know i ‘m a little partial, but i love the picture of Eddie, simply being Eddie and i love the one of us simply being us! Love you AC

  2. eof737 says:

    TY! This is beautiful… food for the soul.

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