Waking My Creative Muse

Creativity is a force moving through us,
and only through practice do we learn
how to cooperate with it.  The ‘process’
is like a muscle.  It needs to be exercised
in order to function effortlessly.

~Shaun McNiff~

Our true illiteracy is our
inability to be creatively active.


My creative muse is asleep!  It’s time to wake her up, so here we are.  I have struggled to find inspiration for my blog.  This morning I decided to stop waiting for creative ideas to take hold, and instead, exercise my ‘creativity muscle’ by opening up a new page on Word Press and just  put something down on the page and see where it takes me.

 Creativity. . . is in reality the ability to
reach inside yourself and drag forth
from your very soul an idea.

~Lou Dorfsman~

I think this is what stops many of us from living a creative life, we don’t know what to do so we don’t do anything.  What I’ve come to realize is that it doesn’t so much make a difference what we do to feed our creative spirit, just that we do it.

Creativity is one of the most positive,
life-affirming traits of humanity, and
people in all walks of life report that
they feel at their peak and in flow when
they are being their most creative.

~Robert Keith Sawyer~

 My suggestion for the day:  feed your creative spirit.

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