Deciding what to pay attention to
for this hour, day, week or year,
much less a lifetime, is a peculiarly
human predicament, and your quality
of life largely depends on how you handle it.

~Winifred Gallagher Rapt~

Why should we think upon things that
are lovely?  Because thinking determines
life?  It is a common habit to blame life upon
the environment.  Environment modifies life
but does not govern life.  The soul is

stronger than its surroundings.

~William James~

Human beings, by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change
the outer aspects of their lives.

~William James~

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One Response to Thoughts

  1. Oh, my sweet crows! the day before we took my mom, one flew over my head so close and a few yards away, there was a big black feather on the road in front of me!
    love you

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