Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Once again I want to thank the folks at Word Press for  inspiration.  I decided to create a collage for this week’s theme, “merge”, since collage is about merging different forms to create a new whole.  Collage is something I love doing, and yet I haven’t created a page in my journal for weeks – gadzooks!  How is that something that brings me joy gets often neglected?  I created these pages to remind myself to use my imagination every day and get back to collaging on a very regular basis.

My intention was to create a photo collage as well, but since my sister is the master at it, I decided to show a few of her creations.  She makes the most beautiful photo-collage books that tell wonderful stories through pictures.

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2 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

  1. Betsy says:

    Very clever interpretation of “merge” … collage, of course! Thanks for the ink. Wish I knew how to add to your post, as you forgot to put in your anniversary collage, 23 years of photos!

  2. I love yours best!! Margie

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