When we are enthusiastic we are
intoxicated with passion,  rooted
in our true selves and it
flows into all we do.

~Linda Saccoccio~

I got the inspiration for this post yesterday when reading the daily message in Mark Nepo’s, The BOOK of AWAKENING:  Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have.  This is what he wrote:  . . . we are all faced with the endless and repeatable task of discovering, or uncovering, our enthusiasm, which means in essence being at one with the energy of God or the Divine.  The word itself comes from the Greek ‘en’ (one with) and ‘theos’ (the divine). 

Despite our endless limitations, it seems that the qualities of attention, risk, and compassion allow us to be at one with the energy of the Whole and the result is enthusiasm, that deep sensation of Oneness.

As such, enthusiasm is not a mood that can be willed or forced.  Rather, it is the ripple effect that follows the stone.  It can only be felt after we immerse ourselves in life.

Enthusiasm, like the breath of God,
transforms everything.

~Gail Sher~

Enthusiasm, like happiness, isn’t something we can search for, but something that is always available to us if we choose to dive into life  heart first, embrace its mystery and opt for ‘Full Catastrophe Living’.

Role model extraordinaire – always enthusiastic about life!

Enthusiasm is not an emotional state.
It is a spiritual commitment, a loving
surrender to our creative process.
Enthusiasm – from the Greek, ‘filled
with God’ – is an ongoing energy supply
tapped into the flow of life itself.

~Julia Cameron~

Hannah, sharing her enthusiasm for tranquility

Immersing myself in life
I’m filled to the brim

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