Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

The city is a fact of nature, like a cave, a run of mackerel
or an anti-heap.  But it is also a conscious work of art,
and holds within its framework many simpler and
more personal forms of art.  Mind takes form in
the city; and in turn, urban forms condition mind.

~Lewis Mumford~

My friend Barb and I were in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle earlier this week, one of the many wonderful neighborhoods that make up this city, and we discovered a store called Eat Local.   This is a perfect example of how creative people make an urban area a wonderful place in which to live – bringing the farm to the city.

Eat Local is a great resource for those living in an urban area with busy lives who don’t have the time to shop for and prepare healthy meals every day; people who care about the environment, want to eat food that is grown locally and without pesticides, and care about supporting  local farmers and businesses.  Eat Local was started in 2006 by a gentleman with 80 years of family farming behind him.  The food is lovingly prepared using local, grass-fed and finished meats, free range chicken and organic or sustainable grown produce.  The ingredients for these healthy and delicious meals are bought within a 300 mile radius.  The meals are frozen immediately to retain their flavor and nutrients and although I haven’t tasted anything yet, the reviews are glowing, and the variety is vast.  We were like kids in a candy store, mouths watering and excited as we explored the food cases.  Unfortunately we weren’t heading right home so we didn’t buy anything that day, but Eddie and I will definitely go back and buy a few dishes to have on hand in the freezer for those days that I don’t feel like cooking.  I’m looking forward to trying the Cassoulet.  You can check them out at eatlocalonline.com.

Recycled shelving – originally used at the Seattle World Fair, 1962

I am grateful for the creative people who make Seattle an incredible place to eat!

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4 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

  1. carol Jennings says:

    don’t you just love that this is where food is going…..even though “they call them foodies, it just make plain and simple sense……..tonight we are having everything from the garden……..
    bounty is good.

    • suellen1234 says:

      We are so very fortunate to have access to beautiful and nutritious food – and this time of year – OMG!! I’m looking forward to next year when I will have a little garden of my own. And isn’t it fun to prepare all this glorious food! xxoo, SE

  2. eof737 says:

    Fantastic photos. 🙂

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