Appreciating What We Have

Feeling grateful and appreciative of something
or someone in your life actually attracts
more of the things you appreciate
and value into your life.

~Christiane Northrup~

Where did that squirrel go?

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner here in the states, I am posting quotes on gratitude for the week.  These photos depict two things I appreciate every day:  the view from my window, and little Hannah who never ceases to make me smile – big, inside-out smiles.

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3 Responses to Appreciating What We Have

  1. carol Jennings says:

    wow, you got snow in them there hills,
    if Hannah could only climb that tree she could chase them properly,,,,,,,she needs a ladder Mom!!!

  2. Marcela says:

    Beautiful pictures. Yes, I do have to remind myself that I need to be appreciative of all the things I have been given and Alex, my beautiful dog, always seems to do that:)

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