Staying Awake


The scariest thought in the world is
that someday I’ll wake up and realize
I’ve been sleepwalking through life:
under-appreciating the people I love,
making the same hurtful mistakes over
and over, a slave to neuroses,
fear and the habitual.

~George Saunders~

I don’t know about you, but I need a reminder almost every day to stay awake and  appreciate fully the wonderful life that I live.  So, thank you George.

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5 Responses to Staying Awake

  1. Betsy says:

    Yes, a great reminder!!

  2. Yup! The scariest part is making the same hurtful mistakes! Thanks sweetheart for the wake up nudge. I’m sure I’ll need more. I started to read mark Nepo again. That’s a good wake up nudge.

    • Suellen says:

      Why is it that we need to be constantly reminded??? As we talked about yesterday, it’s so easy to let little things annoy us, and then slip into that “sleepwalking” state. The good news is that we’re aware and always ready to wake up!

  3. I do a pretty good job of staying awake and noticing the small things, thank goodness!!! I’ve been doing it a long time. I’d like to think it is a wonderful habit at this point. Taking photos daily is a great way to notice the details dear Suellen. Margie

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