Quality vs Quantity


To affect the quality of the day,
than is the highest of the arts.

~Henry David Thoreau~


I copied Thoreau’s words in my journal this morning as a reminder to think about quality rather than quantity when, at the end of this day I look back at how I spent my time.  We’re moving to Santa Fe in less than two months, so as you might imagine, I have a long “to-do” list every day.  I felt frustrated last night because, even though I’d been busy as a bee for two days, I didn’t feel like I accomplished enough.  It has always been my experience that in those times when there is much to do, everything does manage  to get done – even if it’s not in an orderly fashion – and yet I fret!  So, tonight, when I’m looking back over this day, I will keep these words in mind and give myself credit for writing and drawing in my journal, taking the time for a long yoga session without feeling rushed, taking time for a walk in the fresh, albeit, wet air, (even though the dogs were at the dog park with Michele, dog walker extraordinaire), and writing a post.  I may not get everything done that’s on today’s list, but I’m happy I chose quality over quantity when deciding how I would spend my time today.

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3 Responses to Quality vs Quantity

  1. Oh Suellen, good luck with your move, and exciting new adventure in Santa Fe. I’ve been. So lovely. Can’t wait to hear all about it! Margie

    P.S. breathe!

  2. Santa Fe is a lovely place, but perhaps a little over-gentrified. Thoreau is an excellent counterbalance.

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