Weekly Photo Challenge: Home


Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.

~Henry Van Dyke~


Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one;
stronger than magician ever spoke,
or spirit ever answered to,
in the strongest conjuration.

~Charles Dickens~

DSC05928For those of you who follow Artist of the Everyday, I’m quite certain you’ve noticed my posts have been few and far between for the last while.  As you know from earlier posts,  my mother died a month ago, and  we’re moving from Seattle to Santa Fe in six weeks.  Given that death of a family member and moving are big life-stressors, I’ve decided to take a break from posting; or it might be better to say, I’m giving myself a break.  I’ll  still write when I comfortably find the time, but am taking the pressure off myself to do it consistently and often.  It’s  time for my inner critic  (the voice of should) to take a breather as well, so I’m sending here on a little holiday and, if I’m lucky, she won’t return!

The last photo above was taken from a park bench.  The girls and I walked down to the waterfront a few days ago, and I decided to sit and do nothing, to follow my breath and enjoy the view – something I haven’t done much lately.    It occurred to me that taking time to just “be” is what I need to be doing more of  these busy days, to keep myself healthy on all levels, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

The top photos are of the house we’ve called home for the last three years.  We’ve been happy here and will miss many things about the beautiful and vibrant city of Seattle; however, we are so very excited to be moving to Santa Fe and into our dream home (middle photo).   I look forward to sharing our journey with you in the coming months.

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5 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. Margie says:

    Oh Suellen, soooo excited for you. What a gorgeous home you are moving to. Santa Fe, a place which is very connected to the earth and spiritual. Take time to just BE, after you get the move over and get settled. Your blog and your blogging buddies will be here when you are. It’s just as simple as that. Wishing you peace and happiness.

    • Suellen says:

      We love our new house and are looking forward to settling in. Santa Fe is magical in so many ways and we’re grateful to be calling it home. Thanks for your support.

  2. eggsinmybasket says:

    Home is wherever YOU are Suellie…and the next home is going to be a wonderful new beginning.
    Breathe and enjoy the process… and each day as we talked about earlier today. xoxoxs

    • Suellen says:

      I’ve been lucky to live in many great cities and houses, but I’m especially happy to be moving into our new home in Santa Fe. It feels like we’re writing a great new chapter in our lives. I’m happy you’re a part of it. You’ll be happy to know I’m taking the evening off – just hanging out, maybe catching up on Downton Abbey – the only TV I’m really interested in these days. xxooxoxo……..

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