Joy Makers

Susan with her totem animal - crow

Susan in Cerrillos, NM with her totem animal – Crow

Blessed are the joy makers.

~Nathaniel Parker Willis~

I came across this photo the other day when I was looking for pictures to use in the post on nostalgia.  I moved it into my “new post” folder because I love it.  This morning when I was searching for quotes about joy, I found this one that just seemed to fit the photo.  I  feel blessed to have this joy maker as my friend.

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5 Responses to Joy Makers

  1. Grace Kane says:

    Love the photo, my husband and I are cultivating a Raven friendly back yard. We already have the Stellar Jays and Crows coming in – from the forest to my husbands whistle – for treats. But our intention is to have a Raven become our trusting friend:) We have a water fountain that is a huge stone bowl with a globe fountain in the middle, and we will find the perfect black shiny bird bath to place near the bright and shiny object arrangement for their entertainment:)

  2. Lovely Suellen. I know all about totems, and believe in their spirit and connection to this great earth of ours. Margie

    • Suellen says:

      I’m having a great time making friends with the animals in my new environment – coyotes, snakes, jack rabbits….always good to know their powers

  3. Oh Suellie, I just came across this after sending you my e mail. Thank you for the joy you return to me and for seeing me as you do. And hey, don’t I look good in your clothes!

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