wild flowers

wild flowers

Happiness is attractive.
Once you decide to be happy,
you attract great things into your life.

~Robert Holden~

Have a happy Saturday, and share your happiness with everyone you come in contact with today.   Shine your light!

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4 Responses to Happiness

  1. 1stgapdesigns says:

    I love this.
    Missing you
    Need a fix soon

    • Suellen says:


      This is the only way I know to reply to those who comment on my posts. I’ve been thinking of you and would love to see you. We’re off to Toronto on Wednesday for Ed’s nephew’s wedding and the next few days will be crazy because I have much to do before we go. I will call you after we return next Monday.

      It looks like you had a wonderful time at Buccaneer. You shine in your photos.

      All is well here. It’s been a great summer, busy, busy, busy – a good thing and sometimes a not-so-good thing. There are so many interesting things to do here and we’re doing a lot of them, but the other side of that is I would like to be spending more time sitting on the portal and just being. I’m working on more balance which is an ongoing project for me.

      Ed is fit as a fiddle and I’m still working on my exercise routine. The girls and I do a long walk each morning before it gets too hot and I’m doing yoga, but I need to work on my strength-training. You’re my inspiration in that arena.

      What’s on your agenda for the next while? Is a visit possible in the not-too-distant future?

      Adios for now.

      Love, SE

  2. Suellen says:

    The guest room is waiting for you. xxoxoox

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