Inspired to Create

Sunday's Sunset

Sunday’s Sunset

Creativity is an electrifying force that defines,
shapes, and initiates new ways of being,
seeing and transforming the world.

~Laine Goldman~

Moonlight Inspiration

Moonlight Inspiration

Creativity is an endlessly reusable resource,
and we can tap into it at any time.

~Tina Seeing~

Canyon Road = Inspiration

Canyon Road = Inspiration

Creativity, which is the expression of our originality,
helps us stay mindful that what we bring to the world
is completely original and cannot be compared.

~Brene Brown~

The Waxlander Gallery, Canyon Road

The Waxlander Gallery, Canyon Road

Conditions for creativity are to be puzzled;
to concentrate; to accept conflict and tension;
to be born everyday; to feel a sense of self.

~Erich Fromm~

Silver Sun, Canyon Road

Silver Sun, Canyon Road

Confession time – I live where inspiration for creativity abounds, but  still have trouble ‘finding’ the time to sit down in my sunroom/studio  (which, by the way, is inspiring in itself) to create.  I’m dabbling in drawing, painting, beading, collaging, knitting and writing and when I  take the time to do any one of these things I’m a happy camper.  And yet, I allow so many other things to take precedent over these activities that feed my soul.  It’s time to change my priorities and schedule in time every day, whether it’s 15 minutes or three hours, to explore my creative yearnings.   Life is too short to wait around for the ‘perfect’ time to do the things that nurture my sense of aliveness.

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6 Responses to Inspired to Create

  1. Betsy says:

    You are creative with your daily postings! … Taking the beautiful photos, putting photos with appropriate quotes and tying them together with your thoughts for the day!

  2. We’ve been on Canyon Road! There are so many galleries and so much talent, we found it overwhelming. Nice that you can visit time and time again to absorb it all. Margie

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