Haiku for Wednesday


Expression of who you are
Your story to tell

Let your inner artist shine
Have a little fun

Follow Mother Nature’s lead
Beautify your world

Our neighbors

Our neighbors

Writing haiku is something I enjoy doing – it’s fun and helps to get my creative juices flowing.   However, my inner critic likes to join me, as she does in most of my creative endeavors.   I’m learning to ignore her, and part of that learning process is sharing what I’ve written this morning with you.  I believe that when we do what we love to do the world is a more beautiful place for everyone.

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2 Responses to Haiku for Wednesday

  1. So true my sweet friend! What better contribution could we make to this mixed up planet than to do what we love and share that joy. it’s really no more complicated than that. But it’s a hard lesson!

  2. You betcha Suellen! You are becoming a haiku queen. Good job! Did you see my reply to your comment about ideas in Brooklyn? Let me know where in Brooklyn you are going to next week. xo, Margie

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