Autumn’s Introspection

Galisteo Basin Preserve

Galisteo Basin Preserve

Be taught now, among the trees and the rocks,
how the discarded is woven into shelter,
learn the way things hidden and unspoken
slowly proclaim their voice in the world.
Find that far inward symmetry
to all outward appearances, apprentice
yourself to yourself, begin to welcome back
all you sent away, be a new annunciation,
make yourself a door through which
to be hospitable, even to the stranger in you.

See with every turning day,
how each season makes a child
of you again, wants you to become
a seeker after rainfall and birdsong,

watch now, how it weathers you
to a testing in the tried and true,

admonishes you with each falling leaf,
to be courageous, to be something
that has come through, to be the last thing

you want to see before you leave the world.

~David Whyte~
excerpt from “Coleman’s Bed”


 Autumn is a time for slowing down and taking more time for the inward journey.   David Whyte’s poetry is a catalyst for me to look inside myself, to awaken something in me that lay dormant, and shed what no longer works in my life.

We took a hike in the Galisteo Basin Preserve yesterday afternoon.  It’s a  magical place  for me, where I feel my connection to the Earth, and where I have a strong sense of Belonging – my place in the world.

Poetry, nature, good friends, and family are my companions on my journey of self-discovery.  It’s a marvelous adventure!

My hiking companions

My hiking companions

And you?  When will you begin
that long journey into yourself.


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7 Responses to Autumn’s Introspection

  1. Loving your hiking companions! Margie

  2. I knew after the first few words that it had to be David Whyte! I think I could use a dose of him right about now. Just found out he is doing a weekend workshop at Kripalu this coming weekend!

  3. Suellen says:

    Yes, I was happy to come across this the other day. Wouldn’t it be great to do the weekend together.

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