Upside down, Everywhere and Going Nowhere!

Here’s the latest chapter in THE BIG MOVE as Susan captures the trials and joys of moving and creating a new HOME. Although she may not be feeling it at this moment in time, I am confident that her love, warmth and creativity will spill out into this house and make it a place where everyone wants to be!

Eggs in my Basket

IMG_4648September 9, 2013.

We’ve just returned from the closing and are giddy as we are about to cross the threshold, right foot first of our new home.  Fortunately, we a re never really privy to what lies ahead, because our right minds would tell us to stay put, don’t dare, it’s a tough ride and hey, things aren’t so bad the way they are, right?  I don’t know if that’s the ‘right’ mind talking or not, but it is  pretty persuasive.  And as I write this next post, I’m not out of the dizzying questioning battle with this mind, right or not.  I seem to be making enough headway to share the next crazy chapter.

Within twenty four hours, I looked more like this:IMG_4657Kind of a quick swing.  There are just no words for the overwhelming power of this experience.  Inside of one day,  I left a huge place…

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3 Responses to Upside down, Everywhere and Going Nowhere!

  1. oh sweet suellie, I sure hope you’re right! I just have to move off “STUCK”. I think it may be coming soon….your support means the world to me!

  2. Suellen says:

    Creating a new home certainly has its ups and downs. We must remember to enjoy the process rather than let it control us.

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