Day Two – Page Two

The last sunset of the year on Condesa Road

Last sunset of 2013 as seen from Condesa Road

Each day is a blank page in the diary of your life.
The secret of successes in turning that diary into the

best story you possibly can.

~Douglas Pagels~

The sun sets on another year

The sun sets on another year

A blank page is no empty space.
It is brimming with potential . . .
It is a masterpiece in waiting – yours!

~A.A. Patawaran~


Here we are 2014, day two, page two.  How did you fill page one?

 I love the metaphor of a blank page for the choices we make in life each and every day.  Each morning we awake to a blank page waiting to be filled, a reminder that we’re  the artists of our lives, and  have the ability and responsibility to make each day meaningful and beautiful.  The page doesn’t have to be perfect because being an artist is messy,  and there are always opportunities for editing, painting over, re-sculpting, taking out stitches – reworking the masterpiece.  Tomorrow we wake to another day, another blank page.

Paint your day beautiful.  Write a compelling story.  Knit love into your life.  Sculpt moments into meaning.  Have fun with your masterpiece.

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4 Responses to Day Two – Page Two

  1. Lovely Suellen. How I love a clean slate at the start of a new year, begging to be filled with life. Margie

  2. I’ve just wiped my slate board clean and am thinking of what i want to write on it today…..My previous reminders to go slowly and to take my time have really helped! I’ll let you know what I chose when i speak to you tomorrow on your year 66!
    love you!

    • Suellen says:

      I love that I can rewrite. It helps me go with the flow when things don’t unfold like originally outlined. Look forward to talking tomorrow. Love you mucho!!

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