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My life has been overly-busy as of late and I’ve been away from my blog – missing my connection with all of you who follow Artist of the Everyday. I’ll be back very soon, but in the meantime, here’s a wonderful post from my BFF, Susan. I know some of you have been patiently waiting for this. Enjoy!

Eggs in my Basket

Almost at month five and the days slide by more effortlessly, one to the next.  Such a change from the angst filled movement of time I experienced in the first few months.

There is a metamorphosis that takes place both in the house and the owner  when the former changes hands.  This old house seems to have its adjustment  to the way we live in it; differently from the people before us. Being caught up in the adjustment on my end of things, I never spent much time thinking about how the house might feel.  I surely called it unkind words, held it at arm’s length like a naughty child, and yet expected to feel warmth and comfort in its space.  Watching this relationship grow, I more deeply understand how much I am the house and the house is me.  Really now, nasty names and punishing behavior do not suggest…

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