Everyday Creation

DSC01151A daily creative project is like a marathon.
It’s a ridiculously daunting task, but making
an original creation every day gives you an
incredible sense of accomplishment.  It also
forces you to push beyond your mental and
physical barriers (especially the ones you’ve
erected for yourself).  You’ll be amazed at
what you learn about yourself.

~Noah Scalin~


I’ve run two marathons, and doing so most definitely gave me an incredible sense of accomplishment.  Since running is out of the picture for me now, I’ve decided to  take on the “daunting task” of making an original creation every day.   I’m back to drawing in my journal each morning, and  got my water colors out a few days ago and am having fun playing/learning.  Making this commitment will be a good way to keep me creating – a little something each and every day.

Note:  The hibiscus in the photos is a daily reminder for me to “bloom where I’m planted”.  I bought the plant  at Trader Joe’s back in June or July.  I put it in a terra-cotta planter on our front portal – I dug a little hole in the dirt and stuck the plastic pot in.   In November I brought it in and put it in the sunroom.  It continues to bloom, sometimes with as many as 4 flowers at one time.  That little plant is a great teacher!

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2 Responses to Everyday Creation

  1. Oh goody Suellen! I hope you plan on sharing your daily journal pages with us!! Fun, and good for you! Margie

  2. Suellen says:

    I am having fun! And that’s what it’s all about – enjoyment!

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