Another Day, Another Storm

Thursday morning, NYC

Thursday morning, NYC

We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand –
and melting like a snow flake.

~Marie B. Ray~

Looking out

From the window

I was supposed to be traveling back to Santa Fe today, but Mother Nature had a different plan for me.  I got a phone call from American Airlines very early this morning to let me know my flight was cancelled.  So here I am on the sofa in Galen’s apartment all cozy and dry while bad weather continues to plague NYC.  I was looking forward to getting home  to celebrate Valentine’s day with Eddie, but it’s not to be, so I will go with the flow of my life and enjoy each sparkling moment as it melts like the snowflakes on the windowpane.

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4 Responses to Another Day, Another Storm

  1. susan richardson says:

    You’re good! I would be having a small tantrum. I was wondering if the weather was going to get in your way. Maybe it’s the mentoring by the master traveler, Eddie, that has taught you so well! Keep up the good work. Safe and easy trip when you are are finally able to head for the mountains and high desert of NM!
    love you

  2. Well, you could certainly to stranded in worse places, LOL! What a crazy winter. Margie

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