What We Attend To

Friday in Central Park

Friday in Central Park

My experience is what I agree to attend to.

~William Blake~

Birds playing in the snow

Birds singing in the snow

When you listen with empty ears
you hear more.  And this is the core
of the secret:  Attention is the
beginning of devotion.

~Mary Oliver~

Pink Boots

Pink Boots

So much beauty and goodness in this world.  We only need to pay attention.  Sometimes we miss it because we’re too busy.

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3 Responses to What We Attend To

  1. Beautiful winter blue sky! Margie

  2. Suellen says:

    It was a beautiful day in the park.

  3. susan richardson says:

    ‘Attention is the beginning of devotion” I have to install that into myself…or for short, I could just call it “pink boots’!
    hope you’re on your way home now and that all goes smoothly. i am thinking of you!

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