Gratitude for Home & Friendship

An afternoon walk - Santa Fe, yesterday

An afternoon walk – Santa Fe, yesterday

The more one does, and sees and feels,
the more one is able to do, and the more
genuine may be one’s appreciation of
fundamental things like home, and love,
and understanding companionship.

~Amelia Earhart~

An afternoon walk - last Friday, NYC

An afternoon walk – NYC, last Friday (Galen, Raggedy & Beddy)

. . . a friend is someone who inspires,
who challenges, who sends you in search
of some truer sense of yourself.

~Steve Lopez~

I never tire of the view

I never tire of the views in my neighborhood

I’m home!  Back in the land of big blue skies, mountains and spaciousness.  As much as I like NYC, and I do, after spending last week there with all the cold and snow, I am more appreciative than ever to be home.  I am GRATEFUL that this little piece of the United States – Santa Fe, New Mexico – is the place I call “HOME”.

And then there’s the GRATITUDE  I have for my ‘girl’ friends.  Galen and I spent almost every day together for more than a month, living in each other’s homes.  We had fun –  we talked, we cooked, we drew, we wrote, we knitted, we watched movies, we explored – we inspired each other, we challenged each other – together on our “search for some truer sense of ourselves”.  It’s a life-long adventure that needs to be shared with girl friends.


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2 Responses to Gratitude for Home & Friendship

  1. No one and nothing can take the place of a best girlfriend or girlfriends if you are blessed enough to have more than one. Lovely post Suellen. Glad you are home safe and sound. Such a drastic change in climate you experienced. Margie

  2. Suellen says:

    It’s great to be home. We’re experiencing spring-like weather here in Santa Fe, and although I’ve enjoyed winter, I can’t say I’m not loving the warm days.

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