Growth, Creativity, Change . . .


If every day is an awakening,
you will never grow old.  You
will just keep growing.

~Gail Sheehy~

It’s been thirty-three days since my last post.  I don’t fully understand why I stepped away from this labor of love, a creative exercise that I enjoy, and  one that keeps me  connected to cherished friends.  It wasn’t a conscious choice – it just happened.  Today’s awakening:  don’t let busyness get in the way of the important things .


You may not be a Picasso or a Mozart
but you don’t have to be.  Just create to
create.  Create to remind yourself you’re
still alive.  Make stuff to inspire others to
make something too.  Create to learn
a bit more about yourself.

~Frederick Terral~

I have been creating – a little drawing,  a little painting, some beading and once again taking photos on a daily basis, and in the process learning more about myself.  Two important lessons:  don’t compare, just create, and don’t let the voices in your head conspire to hold you back.


Without change, something sleeps
inside us, and seldom awakens.
The sleeper must awaken.

~Frank Herbert~

We’ve lived in Santa Fe for a year now and our lives continues to evolve.  There is so much opportunity here for learning and personal expansion that at times it’s overwhelming.  How do I choose where to put my time, energy, and focus when there are so many things that interest me, and only 24 hours in a day?


People who follow their joy discover
a depth of creativity and talent
that inspires the world.

~Robert Holden~

One of the best things about Santa Fe is the people who live here.  So many have followed their joy and found themselves in the ‘City Different’, living rich and fulfilling lives.  I am continually inspired by the people I meet, and have made new friends easily – friends who instill in me a desire to keep moving forward in all areas of my life – kindred spirits.


If you can see your path laid out in front
of you step by step, you know it’s not
your path.  Your own path you make
with every step you take.  That’s why
it’s your path.

~Joseph Campbell~

So, I continue down my path step by step, not knowing exactly where I’m going but trusting that, because I’m following my joy, I’m on the right path.

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8 Responses to Growth, Creativity, Change . . .

  1. Lovely, heartfelt post Suellen. You are very blessed in many ways. Stepping away is just something that happens. It is inspiring to hear about your discoveries both creatively and personally when you return to your perch. Welcome back….for now. Margie

  2. Oh, gorgeous Santa Fe photos too!

    • Suellen says:

      I continue, after a year, to be in awe every single day when I look out my windows. At it’s so good to be using my camera again on a regular basis.

  3. Jane Macdonald says:

    Welcome back. I missed you! Thank you for the encouragement to follow our joy, wherever it may lead us. Xo Jane


    • Suellen says:

      Hi Jane. I think of you so often. I hear you’re doing well. I hope that our threesome will be together again in the not-too-distant future. So many adventures to be had – so much joy to follow. sending lots of love, SE

  4. Val Boyko says:

    Lovely photos and words!

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