Without Knowing


I’m pleased that I saw a trail and
I walked down it without knowing
what I was going to find.

~Shirley MacLaine~


You don’t know what you’re going to
get into when your follow your bliss.

~James Hillman~


Lately I’ve been feeling unfocused in my creative life, questioning whether I’m dipping my hands into too many pots, rather than focusing my time and energy on one thing.  Do I really need to know where this trail leads if I’m doing what I enjoy??  Maybe it’s patience that’s required and a trust that this path will get me to where I’m supposed to be.  And since I can answer ‘yes’ to Carlos Castaneda’s question, “does this path have heart”, I will continue on . . . .

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4 Responses to Without Knowing

  1. Grace Kane says:

    It is all perfect:)

  2. Suellen says:

    Yes, it really is! Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well in the Pacific Northwest.

  3. Sounds like the right answer to me my friend. Margie

  4. Suellen says:

    I’m in the right place doing what I love. What could be better than that?

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